The Investment Programmes

GAM Systematic Cambridge's fully systematic investment programmes seek to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns that have low correlation to traditional assets as well as to other hedge funds.

The Investment Programmes

GAM Systematic Cambridge's fully systematic investment programmes seek to deliver attractive risk adjusted returns that have low correlation to traditional assets as well as to other hedge funds.

“It is often forgotten that the basis of the scientific method is scepticism. When we have a new model or a new trading system, we are asking what’s wrong with it but we also live and die by the technology that we have. There is a focus on making what is already a great system better and better and better.”

Dr Frederic DesobryHead of Research
The programmes are implemented via different clusters of strategies that capture several distinct sources of returns.  Individual trades and portfolio construction are determined using highly sophisticated proprietary algorithms and risk management tools.  A range of volatility levels and liquidity terms are available. 
GAM Systematic Cambridge manages a number of single and multi- asset investment programmes: GAM Systematic Multi Strategy, GAM Systematic Core Macro, GAM Systematic Discovery Fund, GAM Systematic Dynamic Credit, GAM Systematic Global Equities, and GAM Systematic Japan Equities.

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GAM Systematic Multi Strategy

GAM Systematic Multi Strategy was launched in March 2007. The programme is a systematic (computer-based) multi-strategy investment system built upon diverse investment research, risk management processes and trading and execution infrastructure developed and tested by GAM Systematic Cambridge’s team of scientists for over ten years. Volatility target is 10% for the representative Babbage share class. Other volatility targets are available. The Fund offers monthly liquidity.
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GAM Systematic Core Macro

GAM Systematic Core Macro was launched in January 2013. The programme utilises the investment research, trading signals, risk management processes and execution infrastructure developed and enhanced in the GAM Systematic Multi Strategy programme since inception.
GAM Systematic Core Macro is designed to give investors access to a diversified stream of macro-style returns at a fraction of standard industry fees as well as offer daily liquidity. Volatility target is 12%. Lower volatility share classes are available. The Fund offers daily liquidity.
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GAM Systematic Discovery

The GAM Systematic Discovery Fund launched in October 2017. The Fund seeks to harvest returns from a range of assets beyond the traditional systematic investment universe. 
The programme trades over 200 global markets across six key asset groups: Exotic Futures; Credit; Alternative ETFs; Interest Rate Swaps; Options; and Spreads. Position sizes are determined by GAM Systematic’s highly sophisticated proprietary portfolio construction techniques and are optimised to manage the liquidity and trading costs associated with these markets. 
We have been researching and implementing these components inside GAM Systematic Multi Strategy for a number of years. The GAM Systematic Discovery Fund has a volatility target of 8-12% and offers monthly liquidity.

GAM Systematic Dynamic Credit

GAM Systematic Dynamic Credit is a systematic credit fund designed to outperform credit indices on an absolute and risk-adjusted basis over the cycle. It targets full upside participation combined with downside protection, namely in prolonged bear markets.The fund benefits from highly active and reactive positioning and offers daily liquidity.


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