About Cantab

GAM Systematic Cambridge is a multi-billion dollar investment team based in Cambridge.

About GAM Systematic

GAM Systematic Cambridge is an investment team based in Cambridge, UK, managing a multi-billion portfolio of several funds.

We employ a rigorous, systematic, multi-strategy, multi-asset approach, often referred to as systematic or managed futures.  We manage assets for sophisticated professional investors worldwide including large pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, endowments, fund of funds and others. 
GAM Systematic Cambridge was originally founded as Cantab Capital Partners in 2006 by Dr Ewan Kirk. In October 2016, Cantab was acquired by GAM Investments.  Cantab then formed the cornerstone of the newly created GAM Systematic platform, This new investment platform is co-headed by Anthony Lawler, Head of GAM Systematic and Portfolio Manager of GAM Systematic Alternative Risk Premia.
The foundation of our investment philosophy is the marriage of science with cutting-edge technology, high levels of transparency and robust risk management systems.
Our strategies trade liquid futures and currency forwards and are implemented by a proprietary analysis and trading system under constant review by our team of scientists.
The majority of our team are dedicated to investment and technology research.  GAM Systematic Cambridge's investment team combines a diverse skill set.  Most of us come from academic backgrounds having excelled at statistics, physics, computer science or other quantitative disciplines, with the common denominators being academic excellence and the shared collegial spirit. We believe that a collegial atmosphere and the spirit of teamwork is an integral part of GAM Systematic Cambridge’s investment philosophy.  Our scientists work in the same shared technological environment that allows us to share ideas and knowledge.
We have access to some of the most sophisticated technologies in use, including high-frequency, multi-threaded and distributed engines, fast synchronised databases, financial analytic libraries and purpose-tailored languages.  Since inception we have built a 'cathedral of software' that allows us to undertake a plethora of investment, operational and reporting tasks very efficiently.  This technological eco-system underpins GAM Systematic Cambridge’s practices.  It allows us to develop new investment strategies and monitor the existing ones, trade seamlessly, maintain a sophisticated managed account infrastructure with minimal tracking error, create new products and provide investors with accurate and detailed reporting.


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